FT O/E Football Betting ( Fulltime Odd / Even )

For this type of bet, it is quoted from the safest soccer betting guide standards

For this type of bet, it is quoted from the safest soccer betting guide standards by guessing the total result of the match score. The odd or even guess is the determining factor. This is calculated accumulatively in 2×45 matches. For example, if the score for FT is 2-1, the total will be odd, while for FT 3-1, the total will be even.

Another possible guess is that both or one or neither of the teams scored, both teams had to score, only one of the teams situs judi bola terbesar scored, no goals at all, which means both teams must score 0-0.

Double Chance Soccer Betting or Double Chance
The system used in betting this game uses a 1×2 pattern with 2 choices at once, namely 1x ( home or draw ), 12 ( home or away ), and x2 ( draw or away ). The full regulation can be seen in the following description.

Win without conceding, meaning the away score must be 0.
Winning Margin , the chance of winning for the two competing teams.
In the chance of victory that occurs, if you refer to the safest soccer betting guide on the site, then there are several opportunities, namely home wins by 1 goal difference, home wins by 2 goals, home wins by 3 goals or more, draw regardless of the score created, away wins 1 goal difference, away wins by 2 goals, away wins by 3 goals or more.

No goals at all, meaning both teams must score 0-0.
Guess the HT/FT O/E Combination bet or Half time and Fulltime Odd/Even
Betting on this one soccer bet is given the option to bet a combination of odd or even total scores at once in the first half only or the entire round in the match. This bet is divided into 4: Odd/Odd, Odd/Even, Even/Odd, Even/Even. Whoever manages to place the most correct bet, he will win the bet.

Among the types of Odds used vary by country.

Odds Indo (Indonesia)
The Indonesian version of odds usually uses black and red numbers. The black number is 1.03, which means that if you put the number 100, the victory obtained is 100×1.03 = 103. For the red number -1.08, it means that every 100 bet is multiplied by a losing number -1.08×100=108.

MY Odds (Malaysia)
Unlike the Indonesian market, the Malaysian version of the safest soccer betting guide uses all round numbers in the bets in it. Market figures in Malaysian odds are minimized for the top team only. This is based on the fact that the difference between the winning numbers of the team and the opponent only ranges from 0.04 to 0.06 in each match that occurs.

Odds HK (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong odds calculations usually use decimal odds without minus in it. For example, if a player places a bet number of 100 at odds of 0.97, then the number is counted roundly if he wins, which is 100 x 0.97 = IDR 97,000, – while if he loses, then the bet number 100 becomes the rounded loss value, which is IDR 100,000. ,-

3 Way Handicap Betting
The game, which is often referred to as the 3-way handicap , is the same as the 1×2 FT bet, only the difference is that it uses a vooran with a nominal round number. The rules are made into clean sheet guesses , which are divided into 4 categories.

Home yes = players bet that the home team will not concede a goal
Home no = player bets on guess the home team will concede a kick
Away yes = players guess the away team will not concede a kick
Away no = players bet on guesses on the away team will concede a goal
After looking at some of the ways and game rules above, it can be seen that soccer betting bets fronted by the safest soccer betting guide will make new players no longer confused about their bets. The opportunity to win is always wide open. Players only need to pull out their fangs to bet, then rush to take the winnings after defeating the opponent.

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