Introduction and Guide to How to Play Online Racing Gambling

Introduction and Guide to How to Play Online Racing Gambling

The sport of racing seems familiar to Indonesians and for fans of racing sports, of course, often hear what is called Formula 1 car racing and MotoGP motorcycle racing. In this racing sport, you can also make a bet for those of you who really like the sport.

So, through this article, the admin will give an introduction and guide on how to play online racing gambling below .

Terms of Playing Online Racing Gambling

– Players who get a penalty in a valid match during the qualifying set will still be counted, but the starting place of the race that gets a start promo or a reduction in the start promo will not be counted.
– The bets you make during the qualifying session will be confirmed on the starting place obtained at the end of the qualifying session.
– Cancellation of bets if the race is postponed, canceled or the race is not resumed within 72 hours of the confirmed schedule.
– All bets that have been placed on riders who cannot participate in the race will be returned to the respective players.
– The winner will be counted, namely the rider in the stands.

Online Racing Bet Types

There are 2 types of bets in this online racing bet, including:

1. Betting before the start of the race (Non Live Betting)
Fastest Lap
the final result that will be taken is when the victory is announced in the stands.
Head to Head
If one of the riders does not participate in the race, the bet you placed on the head to head will be undone and the funds will be returned.
If all the riders in this head to head bet fail to end the race on the same lap, the bet will be canceled and will be refunded.

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