Poker Tips For Cash Games – Hold Your Chips and Be Quiet!

Luckily, after reading some good poker books and putting your strategy and philosophy into practice, you’ll find yourself dominating the game at home and getting everyone’s chips. When that happens, whatever you do, say nothing after receiving your opponent’s money other than “sorry” or “bad luck”. Even if they abuse you, laugh or mock your game, you don’t have to answer. Bad players will not understand your explanation in any way and that will irritate them even more. If an unfavorable argument arises, you may have to give up playing the game and thus make a real impact on your yearly results!

Recently, during what was once my very profitable home game, the following hand occurred. This demonstrates a lack of perception of bad players and serves to remind me that after winning a big pot, it’s better to sit back and sit still!

During one of the last hands of the night , the following situation developed. I was in the big blind and could see a good size multiway flop with 7♦ 9♣. After a huge 6 8 10 flop, I checked.
The early preflop booster makes moderate bets and a very aggressive third player with a big stack is raised again all-in.

I had the biggest stack on the table at the time, but I wasn’t happy to bet all my hard-earned wins on one hand, so close to the end of the night. After all, the pot has now exceeded the amount I earned in a week as an airline captain. I know I’m ahead on the flop with a medium straight, but there are higher straight draws and flush draws out there, waiting to kill me.

I also have to decide whether to try to keep the initial maintenance (and possible overpair) in hand by just calling or re-raising the all-in and not getting greedy. After a bit of Hollywood and some genuine discontent, that I had to risk huge sums of money against what I thought would be a draw or a clear set, I opted for the later option and did everything, trying to force the exit. the player to my left in case he has a hand like A -K . (In hindsight, I probably should have called to save it.)

Usually, against better players in this situation, an opponent going all-in could easily have a hand like 9♠ -J♠, giving him a straight draw and an even draw, which would leave me a bit weak (47% against 52 percent). Even if the all-in player has a pair like 8-8, gives him a three of a kind and draws a flush at the back door, he still has about a 39% chance of beating me on the river. As you can see, the chances of winning are not necessarily as good as you think when you realize that you are failing in the middle.

The all-in, a madman with more money than poker flavor, gave a 10-3 offsuit to the subpar top pair, and I won the big pot. After the hand ended, everyone was annoyed that I showed discontent at having to make such an all-out move when I was having a hard time. Although he is not involved in the grip, the rich restorer, perhaps the worst player at the table, is the leader of the group. Offended that such a bad player lectured me, I made the most expensive poker mistake of the year – I tried to explain my actions and defend myself. Unfortunately, the discussions that followed and were very heated didn’t work out very well and I no longer play that game at home which is already so profitable! I also lost a few friends in the process.

If you take someone’s battery, the last thing they want to hear is talk. I learned important poker strategy that night which I included in the final chapter of Poker Wizards.

When you win big, just grab the chips and shut up.
Warwick Dunnett, author of the book – Poker Wizards – Poker Tips and Strategies from the world’s greatest No Limit Hold’em poker tournament players.

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