Reasons for Card Counting Not Working

Can tracking cards during blackjack really work?

Let me tell you that if you might be a mathematician you might actually have a chance, however, for individuals like us, of course not… but for what reason?

To be honest, casinos must have been aware of the concept of card counting and have now devised many systems to avoid card counters and, as a result, banned these people from raking in cash (big surprise!! Casinos don’t want to show more likely gamblers). The strategies they have used are:

-Maximize how many decks are held in the blackjack shoe and mix cards regularly to actually throw counts. I have been to a number of casinos where there are eight decks in blackjack shoes.
-Giving permission from the betting staff that will make you lose your count
– Computerized reader that can view the game table then find the counting system when it is in use –
Identify counting cards

For this reason, in real life casinos you have to be a mathematician plus have the knowledge to fly under the suspicions of casinos, as well as technology. It can be done, but no, it’s not always easy.

But what about online Blackjack? In reality it won’t work here either. While one doesn’t have to handle gambling company crews and security inspections, any online blackjack website will have a very good and straight forward way of dealing with card counting.

If you play Blackjack online, you usually play versus a random card generator, for that reason, whenever a new card is played from the deck, it is shuffled again to play the following game. Almost all online blackjack websites don’t use just a pack of cards to play with, but because the cards are replayed after each game, it means you can’t anticipate the cards to come depending on anything that may have been played several pairs before. cards.

So where do we go from here when card counting seems impossible?
Effectively, a sensible way to gamble will have a solid methodology along with a betting routine so that you can put in the effort to increase your chances of being successful.

Today there are many systems to work with, but finding the right one for you is definitely the key here, and after that it’s only a matter of finding a good quality online Blackjack website and then giving it a try. Many offer great “no cost” tables (where you don’t have to add any cash to play), and often, when you’re ready to gamble, almost all offer you an incentive with your first signup and payout to play. And that means you will have bigger cats to test the system with, and let’s face the facts, you will never learn how you will respond and how your emotions will affect the game unless you have money on their table.

Therefore, don’t worry yourself by finding out how to count cards in order to win big, choose a method of playing and betting, then receive a simple profit. You never know, over time they can get the best pay.

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