Some Success Stories In Online Gambling

There are many unique stories or stories of gambling actors in this world. Perhaps, you yourself do not realize that the story is all around you. Well this time, we will share some unique stories of gamblers, from ordinary people to world famous artists. Want to know, want to know what the story is? Immediately, see the following explanation

1. This first story comes directly from the Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Development, named Don Johnson. He was a person who initially did not like gambling activities. Why? Because, according to him gambling activities are acts of fraud. Well, that Action has been done since you first entered the Casino’s front door Dingdong casino . However, in reality, he has earned IDR 72 billion or the equivalent of US $ 6 million with just one night at one of the casinos in Atlantic City. If you look at the nominal number, must it be very accurate? However, that number is not necessarily the victory achieved by Don Johnson. He totaled a whopping US$15 million or around Rp. 195 billion. That success, he was only able to enjoy Blackjack gambling activities at 3 Casino in Atlantic City.

How could it be? Doesn’t he dislike gambling activities? Of course this is your question all right? Everything starts from his intelligence he sees the opportunities or opportunities that are generated from the Casino itself. In those days, there were many casinos in Atlantic City that required financing from gamblers. Because, the income they get is very far from the expectation. So many casinos in Atlantic City are changing the way they deliver games. However, it turned out to be easy for Don Johnson to pay off his hefty sums of money in succession. However, this activity also comes with good predicting skills and a certain fate.

Since then, the activities run by Don Johnson are well known for other casinos in Atlantic City. Do you know the consequences? He was banned from playing in all the casinos spread across the United States. In fact, Don Johnson has also acquired the pseudonym as the Atlantic City Breaker Man to this day. How not, in just a few nights, you can get US $ 15 Million easily. If you are one of the casino owners at that time who cannot fall prey. Of course, you will also take the same action, right? After his deed, he returns to his former life and enjoys pencennya by traveling the world with his family.

2. This next story comes from a group of teasers or so-called Hackers. They managed to break into Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia at a price of US $ 33 million or equivalent to Rp. 430 billion. How do you do it? This method is very easy, which is to use the Stuffing point in the Casino itself. Do you know what you mean? Yeah the surveillance cameras at the casino have been teased by them. Thus, it makes it easier for them to gamble with big stakes while one of them is watching the cards of the other gambler.

But after they tried to break into this website by listing online gambling. They found that the system in SBOBET was very difficult to break, so they abandoned their intention to break the system.

3. He is one of the best actors that America has. The best film role ever achieved, namely in the film Daredevil or Armageddon. However, he can’t just play movies. Apparently, he is also proficient in the world of gambling such as Poker. In fact, the winnings achieved during that time were US$400,000. Of course, the extra money is a bit big? This activity has been running since 2004.

4. This 58 year old man is a very famous person in France. Her job is a singer and actress who has appeared on the big screen and television in France. Of course, the French themselves already know his face well. Apparently, apart from being a famous artist and also a singer. Patrick Burel was one of the gamblers who won the prestigious World Series Poker game in 1998. Not only that, he also has many other wins than just playing Poker. If you think about it, his income reaches US $ 1 Million more than just enjoying the activity. Actually, at first he was just dressing while filling his spare time from all his busy life.

5. One of the great painters who has won this Oscar, has been seen several times at the Poker tournament. Moreover, this 59 year old woman has won the World Series of Poker in 2005. The lady has won the Prize which is worth almost US$1 Million. His love for the gambling activity of poker started when he was a teenager. In fact, this 59-year-old woman admits that her activities in playing poker are much better than breaking by acting. Open

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