The Easiest Tricks to Play Roulette Online

Roulette online is an online gambling game in a Ion Casino. The name roulette comes from the French word which means small wheel. In the trick of the game, the dealer rotates in one direction, then throws a ball in the opposite direction onto a sloping round surface. Until it spins around the wheel. The ball eventually lands on the surface of the wheel, either in European Roulette 37 or in American Roulette 38 the colored and numbered squares on the wheel. are you a new player? Don’t worry I will explain some tricks to play roulette online.

A. Determine the Type of Bet on Online Roulette

This trick is fairly easy and simple because you have to stick to one type of bet like the following:

Black & Red

Even odd

1-19 & 19-36

And the method to achieve victory is of course very simple.

As an example:

You bet 10k for red

Then the result: Black (you lose 10,000)

then you make a bet of 20,000 to red

then the result: 00 (you lose 30,000)

then you put up 40,000 for red

then the result: black (you lose 70,000)

then you set 80,000 for red (and repeat the same thing until red appears)


and the result is red (then you win 80,000)

B. Combining A Method In The First Trick To Play Roulette

Although it is very simple and effective there is the case of trick number one, namely in some casinos will not let you play using this trick, in this case you are required to use a combination method, and in one method you need to watch the last four numbers and wait for three repetitions exactly the number (eg black or red, odd or even, 1-18 or 19-36 in each series of 4.

very first example:

last four numbers: 30-14-8 & 1.

You have three repetitions of the numbers 1-18

you sure for 19-36

second example:

the last four numbers are 30-14-8 & 36

You have four “even” repetitions of an “odd” bet using method number 1.

When you have won two or three times, immediately stop playing and immediately go to another table until your trick is detected.

C. Try To Read Statistics

A method in the online roulette game with a total group of 01’s numbered: 02-03-04-05-14-12-15-18-17-27-25-3621-00.

D. Try Opportunities With Positive Numbers

This is a statistical method.

01’s positive numbers are as follows: 12-17-03-21-18-36 & 00

E. Try Another Positive Number.

This is a statistical method.

Wait and hunt: 12-16-14-21-18-27-23-36

Choose numbers 1-4

match the numbers together until it comes out, with a maximum of 8 plays.

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