Types of Online Basketball Betting

Types of Online Basketball Betting

It is important for you to recognize the types of bets in online basketball. Because each type of bet has certain rules that are different. The admin has summarized the types of online basketball betting bets below briefly and clearly.

Point Spread

This type of bet is the most commonly used by bettors in online basketball gambling. Where teams are awarded points which are added at the end of the match both teams in total. In this bet there is also a voor where the calculation is the reduction of points to the team that is considered stronger or indirectly gives more points to the opposing team.

Example: Team A is considered superior to team B, for example, team A gives team B 6 points. Then Team A must win by 7 points or more to win. Meanwhile, team B must hold the points to no more than 5 points to determine the victory.

In Point Spread bets there is no half point calculation, so there is a possibility that the bet results will be a draw. In online basketball betting bets there are odds, for example for both teams where to bet 100 thousand it takes a capital of 110 thousand besides you bet on the favorite team or underdog

Total Bet

This type of online basketball bet is calculated based on the total https://chicsympa.com/ points of the game. Where the total points of the two teams at the end of the match are the benchmark for this bet. In online soccer betting, this bet is known as O/U (Over Under).

Example : Team A and Team B match has a total points bet of +/- 198. If you bet on Over it means you are betting for the total score of the match is more than 198 (>198). While Under means that you bet for a total score of less than 198 (<198) to win online basketball betting bets.


This is a type of online basketball betting that does not use a voor system such as a point spread. Where in this type of bet you only guess the home or time away team that wins or even draws. Moneyline is the same as the type of 1×2 bet in online soccer gambling.

Example: Team A against Team B has a -250 moneyline, where you need 250 thousand capital to win 100 thousand. While the +150 moneyline means that you bet on your underdog team, you need a betting capital of 100 thousand to win 150 thousand.

Parlay dan Teaser

Now this is a type of bet that can produce big wins with small capital, where this type of bet is the same as Mix Parlay in online soccer gambling. Both the Teaser bet or the Parlay bet allow you to bet more than 1 match with only 1x capital. In parlay betting it is possible to bet on the point spread or with moneyline bets which are usually 2 to 4 teams.
The more teams you include in your bet and all of them win, the higher the payout you will get.

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