What Makes RTG Casinos So Popular?

I have played over the years at many different online casinos, each with their own unique brand of software that powers their games and offering exclusive slots. They offer a wide variety of table and card games and some of the best video poker games. But every software brand brings something unique, fresh and exciting to the online gaming market. One such software company is a “Real Time Gaming” company also known to online gamblers as “RTG”.

Their casino gaming brand is the most popular and recommended gaming  game on the Internet today, but why? What do they have that other software companies like Microgaming, Rival and Vegas Technologies don’t? Well, sit back and enjoy this reading. I have played many times at different RTG casinos and I will tell you what they have that other online casinos don’t.

Real Series Slots – If you like multi-payline slot games with some awesome special features that include the ever-popular free spins, multipliers and specially themed bonus rounds, this group of 50+ slot games is exactly what you’re looking for.

I can’t remember a time when I haven’t felt more excited to spin the reels of a one-armed bandit than I was when I played in a Real Time Gaming casino.

These Real Series Slot Games have one thing that no other online slot games offer and that makes them irresistible and very thrilling to play, and that is their “Random Jackpot”. Have you heard of this little gem?

Random jackpots are exactly what they are, random. This is a progressive jackpot that usually hovers between $1000 and $20,000 before some lucky players find it in their cash balance and don’t even know they made it.

The reason players don’t realize they just won a random jackpot on one of these 50+ slot games is because you don’t even have to have a winning combination to hit this baby. You can spin the reels of the slot game, make a losing spin and still win a random jackpot.

If this isn’t enough to get you running to the first recommended RTG casino to give you this slot game, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Completely exclusive to Real Time Gaming casinos and a huge asset to their success, this incredibly fun and exciting slot game is a thorn in every other side of the casino due to its popularity.

RTG Casino also offers great table games and video poker as well as some fantastic promotions and graphics all of which contribute to their success and popularity but their ace on the hole is a unique and exclusive slot game that makes every slot lover dream of their next adventure in RTG Land. .

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